Monday, March 9, 2009

Real World Girls

So this season of the real world has been pretty good, however I just can't seem to get over how ugly the girls are. I previously thought it was a prerequisite that a real world season had to have at least one decently hot girl. Hmmm yeaaa I guess they don't have to do that. But since I am all worked up about this subject, let's pick the hottest real world girls that there have been. So to go with the formula of the show, let's get a top 4. Remember this is purely on looks, nothing else.

Just missing the cut...

Trisha - Sydney

Shauvon - Sydney

Lori - Back To New York

Drumroll pleaseeee, the top 4 are.....

4. Cameran - San Diego

3. Trishelle - Las Vegas

2. Melinda - Austin

1. Mallory - Paris

There you have it. Let's hope the real world will step up next season

1 comment:

  1. Lori still grosses me out, at least you took the rat down. :p