Tuesday, March 31, 2009

B-Day Wishes

Happy Birthday to Christopher Walken turning 66 today. Always worth a good laugh, and some sweet dance moves

Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim

Annoying Hits New Frontiers

A free Iphone application for Mugen Pop Pop. For those of you who don't know, it's an electronic bubble wrap game. Okay, imagine someone who has had the worst day of their life. Then on a bus ride home they sit next to someone doing this. Yeaaa the result wont be pretty.


Here's a quick scene from "Up". Oh May 29th, where are you? haha

Subway Is Awful

One of the many many reasons why Quizno's is way better then Subway. Jeez, Subway just couldn't have the worst sandwiches of the two.

Kristen Stewart Is A Creeper

Just watch and listen to her, goddddddd

The Audition

I personally love this band. Have loved them for probably around 4 years. Here is an acoustic performance of their new song "My Temperature's Rising". For a minute long clip of the actual song, you can check out their myspace. The song is definitely gold and the album is out 4/28. They are touring now with Kevin Rudolf, Jeremy Greene, Hyper Crush, Cash Cash, and Go Crash Audio (weird mix I know), but check them out. 5/3 in Hartford is where to be.

Monday, March 30, 2009


Basically the coolest thing ever

Fashion Gone Bad

This is so stupid. Don't get me wrong, if I saw someone wearing this I would definitely laugh but that wouldn't change the person looking like a total toolbag.

ShamWow Remixed

Now that I am in a ShamWow mood, I thought this was pretty funny


The ShamWow guy got arrested for beating up a hooker. Nough said haha. Here is a mug shot of him and the hooker.

Handicap Fail

Ohhh some people... wow

Pointless Items

Here's the world's largest cell phone. Ummm cool? I still don't understand the point of making things like this.

Sweet Undies

An underwear that burns body fat. Supposedly it does this using friction resistance when people go about on their normal day. I say sweet, if this really works.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ruben Is A Manly Name

Look as this guyyyy. Just horrifyingly watch him stuff the bear. Cmonnnnn that's just not right.

Photo Manipulation

I love me some photo manipulation. So I am going to post one here and there. This one is by Erik Johansson.

Best Seller

Someone had to realize when making it, right? Definitely makes a lot more money this way, that's for sure.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Even though it is not a Pixar movie, it definitely looks pretty promising. Check out the website for a trailer. This begs the question, what if it did rain foods? Of course it would be really good initially but in the long run would it really be beneficial?

Three Stooges

Never really was a fan of the three stooges however the movie that is in the works has alottttt of potential. Directed by the Farrelly brothers, it has Sean Penn as Larry, Jim Carrey as Curly, and it is rumored that Benicio Del Toro will play Moe. So even though I was never into the three stooges, expect me front and center when the movie hits theaters in a couple years.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inside Of All Of Us Is A Wild Thing

Ahhh the "Where The Wild Things Are" trailer! I am so excited for this movie. The youtube video quality is kind of bad so if you have quicktime get the amazing quality ones here.

The Wonders Of A Fart Machine

Sticking with it for another post, even city council members get a good laugh from some gas. I mean who can blame them?

Oh You Girls

Does anyone else remember this commercial? Ahhh funny stuff

Wasting Money

Here's a list of 7 things you could be wasting money on. The list holds a lot of validity to it, so check it out.

New Ace Enders Video

Video for the song "The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)". I think Ace's hairdo proves even further how awesome he is.
The Only Thing I Have (The Sign)

Cheeseburger Harley

My grandpa and uncles would kill this man for doing this to a poor defenseless Harley.

Car WiFi

Yesssss, this better start being available in a lot cars in the upcoming years. Cmonnnn Lexus. Just the idea of it makes me giddy and makes road trips even more inviting.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Aw Babies!

Here is a time lapse of a baby playing with his toys and I think it's pretty amazing. Pretty much reminds me exactly of Stephanie haha

Sweet Logo

Apple missed this when accepting the Icount application. Here it is... oh good times

Innovative Thief

People are now using Google earth for stealing purposes.

Hidden Cameras

A tissue box hidden camera. In 30 years, cameras will be absolutely everywhere and you will basically have no privacy at all. Mark it down. That being said, when I get older I am so going to cover my house in these little buggers haha

Office Depot Lies

Basically they sometimes lie about not having things in stock if you don't want a protection plan or extras. Here's the follow up article too including way more corroborations to the story. Luckily I don't shop at Office Depot but for anyone who does, just watch out.

Blink 182

Summer tour teaser trailer... ahh summer can't come soon enough!

Monday, March 23, 2009


A Thorn For Every Heart have broken up. Most people probably wont care about this but I love this band. Sad news for me indeed. I was in love with both of their releases. Hopefully they do well in their lives and maybe bust out a comeback in a couple years.

Oh Those Japenese

I guess one of the many many weird things they do is celebrate the male genitalia with floats and what not? I really have no idea what's going on but it's funny.

Electric Shock Jacket

Good idea but I am still a little unsure about the product the way it is now and the price. Side note, is it just me or is the girl in the video the girl from "True Life: I Want The Perfect Body"? I don't think it is but damn they look exactly the same. Plus the whole MIT/Harvard Boston thing is kind of freaky. Here's a pic in case you forgot.

Fake Advertising

The Acai Berry. Suppose to provide weight loss help but there's nothing substantial that proves it. No scientific study or anything. Don't get conned!

Smoking Smarties

I guess its starting to gain some popularity. Kids these days are just idiots.

Idiot Robber

No words can explain how stupid this man is. Pretty funny stuff.

The Final Name

M.I.A.'s baby is officially named "Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman". What an awfulllllll name. A lot of celebrities go way to far in naming their kids weird names. Who cares if it's not original? Not being original is better then having some crappy name that im sure is going to be made of.

New Booze

Justin Timberlake is launching his own custom brand tequila called 901. Don't know if this will be successful or good but definitely want to give it a shot.

Fatty Foods Galore

Jeez, what kind of restaurant would just offer up fried chicken skin? Please no "A good one" comments haha

Check out more at This Is Why You're Fat

Natalie Dee

Check out all the drawings here

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Geek Special

Look at this chump. He lost part of his finger in a motorcycle accident and put a 2 GB USB key in it's place, with like some gross fold over skin. On another note, doesn't he look high in the picture? haha

The Uro Club

I am so getting this for every male I know who plays golf. Yay overactive bladders!

Prehistoric Times

Imagine if creatures like this existed today? Man I could not even imagine. The ocean is scary enough without them. Speaking of scary things in the ocean, giant squid freak me out so much. Even just squid in general. Check out discovery specials of them. Freaky, disgusting, and scary creatures they are.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Young Stars

Yahoo's list of 20 stars under 20. The only one I actually like as of now is Michael Cera... and maybe Abigail Breslin and Kristen Stewart. For all you Dakota Fanning lovers, I just think she was better when she was really young. So yea, I guess there isn't a good young star crop or at least in my eyes there isn't.


Stephen King's "It" is heading to theaters. In a movie this day and age, definitely has the potential to be really scary.

Fatty Foods Galore

Once again this looks so gross, yet also so delicious. Always love me a pizza. I guess even if it's a deep fried pepperoni pizza.

Check out more at This Is Why You're Fat

Natalie Dee

Check out all the drawings here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Video Game Contract

I would love signing a video game contract for 473,000 dollars. Lucky dude.... even though his social life must be a hot mess.

Jenga Ownage

Tell me, who would lose with this sweet jenga pistol?

IPhone Apps

This is one of the many times I wish I had an IPhone. The Have2P App shows you public restrooms in your area, along with reviews! Very very useful for anyone who travels.

B-Day Wishes

Happy B-Day to Mark Hoppus of Blink-182 turning a zesty 37 years old. When it was announced that they were reuniting I was so happy. Blink definitely was always one of my favorite bands. I used to jam out to them all the time. Can not wait to finally see them in concert. Something I did not accomplish in my younger days.

Wannabe Models

So chaos and a mini stampede came about in NYC at the "Top Model" auditions. No surprise really, I can imagine all the vain people who think they are all that but in actuality are pretty gross. Gather a bunch of them together and it's only a matter of time until something like this happens. Quite frankly, I am surprised it hasn't happened more....
Now is a perfect opportunity to mention just how insane Tyra Banks is. God she is so annoying.

When Transvestites Attack

Really no words can describe this, just watch the video.

The Haunting In Connecticut

So I am pretty excited to see this movie when it comes out. Especially considering the story was based a couple towns from mine. Hopefully it doesn't let me down. I mean we don't really see that many ghost movies any more. Which is bogus, cause I like me some ghost movies.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Love this dude. Whenever he comes perform near where I am, I always try to see him. He freestyles with the best of them. Usually during his performances, he will take 6 different topics or so, suggested by the audience and create a free style on the spot with all the topics in it. Awesome stuff. You can check out his regular songs (also really good) on his myspace.

Oh The Human Mind

I just find this amazing.

History Of Pixar Movies

Check out the list of movies and name one that wasn't good. They always put out a fairly good release.

What An Investment

The first superman comic was sold on an online auction for 317,200 dollars. Considering it was bought for 10 cents when it first came out, wow is all I have to say. Today comic book geeks everywhere celebrate. Damn you comic book guy!!!

Taking Back Sunday

The Album "New Again" hits stores June 2nd. Taking Back Sunday can do no wrong in my eyes. Hopefully it will come close to my expectations. Check out their official site.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fine Tuneage - Coolio

Who didn't jam out to the classic "Gangster's Paradise" by Coolio?

Charting It Up, Drug Style

Cool comparison chart

Koenigsegg Quant

A four seat solar electric car, that charges in 20 minutes, can go up to 175 mph, and is freaking all around saweeeet. I'll take one of those please.

Family Guy

Who doesn't like a good ol Family Guy clip?

Oh Kangaroos

Not gonna lie, if I am eye to eye with a kangaroo with boxing gloves I am gonna be pretty afraid. It takes a sick individual to train kangaroos to do this. However it is pretty funny watching the mayhem ensue if your not eye to eye.

Why can't all kangaroos be friendly and give me snacks like this guy

Thursday, March 12, 2009

This Providence

Their upcoming album is streaming on their purevolume. Check it out, it's a pretty good album.


Joaquin Phoenix is the man. Now at the fighting with fans level? What this man is pulling off is straight Andy Kaufman, loving it.

College Basketball

I know a lot of smaller conference tournaments have already ended, but today is the day I personally consider the start of March Madness. Basically its the day when the Big East quarterfinals go down. So many good meaningful games across the country. Today I turn from an above average college basketball watcher to an insane college basketball watcher. There are certain teams I will root for but my main team has always been Uconn and I hope they can get it done in both the Big East tournament and the NCAA tournament. They definitely have the talent to win both championships but I really don't have the highest faith in this team. However one thing is for sure, I will root my heart out for them.

Look What I Made

What parent would actually get this for their kid? Good lord, the things people come up with.

Mkayyy Spears

New Britney Spears music video. Just putting this up here for Stephanie. I mean how can you not like a song with such brilliant lyrical lines as "ha ha hee hee ho"? yeaaaa about that...

Ohhh Ed

A man got cited for having a hyena in his backyard. I would never want a hyena, however if I did, I would also name the hyena Bubbles haha. Does anyone else still think of this trio when hyenas are mentioned?

Bad Mothers

Ughh, I feel pretty bad for Bristol Palin. We all know she got knocked up by her boyfriend who she probably didn't even love, but due to the pressure, I think it's a pretty safe bet she was almost forced to not only have the child but to stay around with the boyfriend. Even the word marriage was thrown around. My assumptions were made partially right by news that they broke up like a month ago. Heres to bad mothers who put politics above their family!.... and on top of it still end up failing!

I Love Showers

Does someone have an extra 4300 dollars I can borrow? Such a freaking amazing shower.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mandy Moore (Great Initials BTW)

Congrats to Mandy Moore who just got married to Ryan Adams. Everyone has their own opinion but looking hindsight shes really the only one of the 1999 debut quartet of pop stars that I still think is hot. Feels like only yesterday that I was a wee lad at the ripe age of 12, with the major hots for Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mandy Moore, and Jessica Simpson. Here's to you Mandy, may your candy always be hot.


Perfect bonding item in my eyes. Every couple should partake in the Fundies mayhem

Tour Junkies

Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin, and Envy On The Coast will be touring together between May 14th and June 29th... me likey that tour lineup, hoping it swings by CT or MA

Just Not Right

There are a couple of areas of technology which I just say stay away from. This is one area. Cmonnnn now, that's just gross.

F*** My Life

Pretty funny website, people post quick stories of things that happen to them that just suck, but are very hilarious to people reading the story. Examples are...

Today, for my two-year anniversary I got my girlfriend a very expensive diamond necklace. She got me male enhancement pills. FML

Today, my friends thought it would be funny to give me a "hickey" with a vacuum cleaner while I was passed out drunk. Not only do I have to try and explain this to my girlfriend, but we're meeting her parents for lunch this afternoon. FML

Chances are some of these stories are made up, however most are probably true, and either way they are funny as hell. F*** My Life

Dave Smallen

Got to love me some Dave Smallen music. He is 2 for 2 with his new music. "America" and "Every Time I Leave (I Leave For Good)" have much props from me. Check out his website or myspace for a listen.

Bizkit The Dog

Funny stuff, I want a dog... like now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food Prize Dreams

Well now, I wouldn't mind accidentally finding a cell phone in my potato chip bag. What could top this? GPS in a Doritos bag? Voice recorder found amongst some Smartfood popcorn? Please please please let me find a new Ipod in my Cheetos bag!


Definitely one of my favorite single player games ever. If you play any video games at all and haven't played Bioshock yet, I recommend you give it a try.
There's a Bioshock 2 teaser website up to anyone who's interested. As of now the sequel is scheduled to be released this year in Q3

Fatty Foods Galore

How do people get away with making some of these things?.... alot of them however do look quite delicious

Check out more at This Is Why You're Fat


Great movie. Saw it last Friday when it came out but just wanted to say that if anyone likes that genre of movie, it is a must see. Maybe better suited for some people at home cause of the sheer length of it, but a must see nonetheless.

Wedding Fun

No way can this wedding be real, can it?
If it is, wow. I think most girls out there would kill the guy after the fact.... literally kill the guy.

Oh My

Some new ringtones are so amazing words just can't describe it

Don't Mess With Bas Rutten

This has a really weird combination of being hilarious and informative. Some of these moves could save your life. But overall very entertaining stuff

B-Day Wishes

Happy B-Day to Chuck Norris, turning 69 (good number) but still looking like he's 39. God bless him and his Texas Ranger genes.


One of my man crushes, Ace Enders, has his new album streaming up on his myspace.
Check it out, good stuff.

Natalie Dee

Every couple weeks ill post a random Natalie Dee drawing. Love them

Check out all the drawings here

Monday, March 9, 2009

Full "Up" Trailer

Don't go hating pixar movies!

Real World Girls

So this season of the real world has been pretty good, however I just can't seem to get over how ugly the girls are. I previously thought it was a prerequisite that a real world season had to have at least one decently hot girl. Hmmm yeaaa I guess they don't have to do that. But since I am all worked up about this subject, let's pick the hottest real world girls that there have been. So to go with the formula of the show, let's get a top 4. Remember this is purely on looks, nothing else.

Just missing the cut...

Trisha - Sydney

Shauvon - Sydney

Lori - Back To New York

Drumroll pleaseeee, the top 4 are.....

4. Cameran - San Diego

3. Trishelle - Las Vegas

2. Melinda - Austin

1. Mallory - Paris

There you have it. Let's hope the real world will step up next season

HIMYM Awesomeness

One of the many hilarious moments from the spectacular show that is How I Met Your Mother

Starting Off

Hey everyone! So this is my first time doing this, but expect things so amazing it will set your brain on fire. I already checked and I am definitely not liable for that. I hope everyone semis enjoy this but if you don't, then oh well. I promise to everyone this will not be a mushy blog but in this first post I just wanted to say Happy Anniversary to my beautiful girlfriend, Miss Stephanie Viada, love you!